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Implications as we traveled from Istanbul-Izmir with 45 minutes Turkish Airlines. Hostas are very courteous and polite. We have Izmir airport. Private airport transfers We went to a very nice hotel in Kusadasi and Izmir. The hotel had a great sea and pool views. We got up early in the morning and we did a very nice first kahvat unlimited buffet with eggs, milk and honey jam and lots of ephesus tours olive cheese salad with olive oil dishes consisting of buffet breakfast. First, we had a wonderful clean and beautiful sea. The wonderful beaches and even where we played beach volleyball beach. Sea sand sun and the beach was gorgeous trilogy. In addition, there was the great great pool and plenty of very nice pool to swim during the day. The hotel had a pool with a Jacuzzi in the hotel and that was very relaxing and very enjoyable massage jacuzzi pool here is my preference. Finally, I had a Turkish bath in the hotel and prepare for tomorrow will participate here for a nice bath after Ephesus Tours.

Then we met up with our second morning by the pool and drinking tea and us Ephesus tour guide told us about our trip with tour information and travel route. With private car 15-20 minutes after we left the hotel and we are open to the Ephesus museum. First, here are a number of monuments and buildings made during this period in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire at the time of the ancient city and the excavations carried out a very large area yaıl have made here. Ephesus is a history of culture and commerce center. Is on the historical Silk trabzon tours Road caravan here with incoming goods are spread primarily Greece and Italy then all Europe. Ephesus are the most beautiful structure and symbol of Celcus Libray. Celcus Libray is located on two floors at the front of the sculpture pieces and this was used as a term Celcus Libray mausoleum. Ephesus made of marble has a 600 meter long road corals, King Theatre and career path of the last part of the show along with buun Ephesus temple hall.

Cappadocia this region and this is a wonderful nature under protection by UNESCO, is in the province of Newseh. Private airport transfer We went to special cave hotel in Cappadocia Urgup. Cave hotel is situated in just cappadocia in the world. Cave hotel had a spacious room. The Cave Hotel has a natural warm in winter and cool in summer ventilation system. Our trip to Cappadocia which went to the Middle fortress town and this is done with classical Anatolian architecture consists of two-storey houses with bay windows. In front of the houses are beautiful and are especially orchard apple orchards. We participated in Cappadocia Private tours and our tour guide gave us information about cappadocia formation and history. For example, after the spread of Christianity here, spread all over Europe. Even if many civilizations lived here and Cappadocia is a historical city on the Silk Road.


Cappadocia formation Hasan mountain was formed by the lava cooling effect of evaporation of rain and wind. The first time we went to Cappadocia Zelve open air museum with our tour guide, and here we joined the so excited and beautiful balloon tour. First we went to 250 meters high and a great many balloons were flying here. They gave to the balloon after balloon private istanbul tours , cappadocia tours flight champagne celebration and certificate. Then we went to tour with our guide Goreme open air museum. There Goreme open air museum is spread over a very large area where many cave and fairy chimneys. People have lived and made religious worship here. We went to a very nice and special with special cave churches and elsewhere in this unique church is decorated with the prophet Jesus and Mary paintings and mosaics. Then there is the town where we went Avnos water and soil, which is very nice with mud Turkish hand made works of art and souvenir shops.

We attended a very nice weekend in Istanbul Istanbul island tours. In the first round, we met our guide to the hotel lobby. Our tour and our guide us round trip  roğramı gave a brief. Then we have the Kabatas ferry port with about a 10-15 minute private car together with our tour guide while. Here is before We did the island's ferry ride takes 1.5 hours. During our first trip    daily cappadocia tours , istanbul tours as a number of works made during the Ottoman Empire and palace buildings are located. Istanbul is a very special city, many civilizations lived here. Istanbul has become the world capital of culture in 2010. Istanbul is the only city which is part of the European continent, a part of asia and the middle of the sea and bospohorus. Beylerbeyi Palace was built as a summer palace of the Ottoman Empire. Uskudar closer to the middle of the sea on the coast of the Maiden's Tower ole convenience. Istanbul Maiden Tower is the most beautiful of which is the symbol of the structure.




Kabatas with us immediately after leaving the ferry port are the Dolmabahce Palace. Dolmabahce palace built by the great palace of the Ottoman Empire. Dolmabahce Palace Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid made on time and very beautiful architecture of this structure, there are many works done under. Finally, there is the Dolmabahce Palace of the clock tower and mosque. Each row in the island and there are 4 of them in Burgas, Kinali, Heybeli and the end of the island, which is great. We are not very big island big island are square. The island had occurred in bakeries selling delicious ice cream. All the island is forbidden to use motor vehicles and cars. All island transportation is done by   tours in ephesus , ephesus tours  horse-drawn carriages and bicycles only carriages. Ada made with ottoman empire cumbel architecture is composed of a two-storey pavilion. In the pavilion of the front is süslenmişit with many beautiful flowers and trees. Is very wooded and forested island has many private picnic areas.

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